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Engine Rebuild

Preventative Maintenance

Brakes and Suspension Repair

Electrical Diagnostics

Fleet Maintenance

Engine Repair

Diagnose and repair any issues with your diesel engine, including overhauls and electronic engine control troubleshooting.

Engine Rebuild


and repair any issues, such as overheating, coolant leaks, and worn-out bearings.


to rebuild your engine and restore its performance, including DD15, Cummins ISX, and Volvo D13.


fuel injectors, fuel pumps, and other components to ensure proper fuel delivery and combustion.


controls, such as sensors, wiring, and computer systems, to ensure optimal performance.


of equipment and parts to remove any grime or buildup that can impact engine performance


assembly of all engine components, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance

Oil Changes

and filter replacements to keep your engine lubricated and clean.


of belts, hoses, and other component to catch and fix potential issues before they are problems.

Tire Rotations

and alignments to extend tire life and improve fuel efficiency.

Cooling System

flushes to prevent rust, corrosion, and leaks from your engine.

Brake & Suspension Repair


and replacement of brake pads, rotors, and drums to ensure optimal stopping power.


and balancing of wheels and tires to reduce wear and tear and improve fuel efficiency.


suspension components, such as shocks, struts, and springs, to improve ride quality and handling.


steering components, such as tie rods and ball joints, to ensure safe and responsive handling.

Electrical Diagnostics


and sensor repairs from computerized diagnostic testing.


testing and replacement to ensure reliable starting and electrical system performance.


component repairs, such as alternators and voltage regulators, to prevent battery drain and other issues.


troubleshooting and repair for systems like headlights, taillights, and turn signals.

Fleet Maintenance

Customized Plans

to keep your entire fleet running smoothly and minimize downtime.


to catch and repair potential issues before they cause breakdowns or safety hazards.


maintenance to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency of your fleet vehicles.

Priority Service

for fleet customers to minimize downtime and ensure prompt repairs.

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